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Have you suffered injury or damages from:

• Someone's negligence?


• Pharmaceutical drug?


• Faulty product?

Attorney Mike Gallagher will Fight for you!

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Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

The Gallagher Law Firm is currently representing plaintiffs in cases pertaining to such drugs as Trasylol, Vioxx, Zyprexa and Seroquel. The firm also regularly monitors the pharmaceutical industry to identify unreasonably dangerous drugs that are removed, or have the potential to be removed, from the market. Learn more about pharmaceutical lawsuits.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has been wrongfully injured by a pharmaceutical drug, please call or submit a case form to learn about your rights and the potential for compensation.

Pharmaceutical Law Suits Houston Texas

Product Liability

Product Liability Lawsuits

Michael Gallagher staunchly believes that the greatest threat consumers face is not only defective products, but the destruction of their rights by manufacturers of those products. Learn more about product liability here.

With concerted efforts to pass legislation that eliminates victims’ rights being pursued throughout the United States, Mr. Gallagher has seen a dangerous trend towards manufacturers seeking to absolve themselves of responsibility for the inferior, dangerous and/or hazardous products they create.

He is compelled — both in the courtroom and in the political arena — to quash this movement. His testimony has been used in legislation affecting peoples’ rights regarding environmental disasters, defective products, industrial products, aircraft, automobiles and pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Gallagher has been particularly active in opposing bills that would allow retailers to escape liability for the sale of defective products purchased from manufacturers located outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has been wrongfully injured by a manufacturer's product, please call or submit a case form to learn about your rights and the potential for compensation.

Product Liability Lawsuits Houston Texas


Negligence Lawsuits

The Gallagher Law Firm has an outstanding track record fighting and winning negligence lawsuits. Learn about the types of negligence.

Negligence Law Suits Houston Texas


Aviation Lawsuits

Mr. Gallagher has successfully litigated cases against numerous airlines, aircraft and/or component part manufacturers. Learn More.

Aviation Lawsuits Houston Texas


Environmental Lawsuits

Mike Gallagher is an experienced environmental lawyer. He and his team at The Gallagher Law Firm have represented many individuals and entities in the southern United States in litigation relative to environmental damages associated with drilling activities undertaken by most of the major oil companies in the United States.

All environmental cases involve recoveries based upon the negligence of people associated with the source of the contamination, whether it be industrial activities such refining byproducts of refining processes or oil pollution associated with drilling activities. That litigation was predicated upon the fact that pollution resulting from these drilling activities and such pollution could have been avoided if the drilling companies acted in a reasonable manner. Learn More.

Enivronmental Lawsuits Houston Texas

Guiding Clients Through

At The Gallagher Law Firm, we understand just how devastating an injury or environmental disaster can be. Mr. Gallagher and staff are dedicated to both the physical and financial health and well-being of our injured or damaged clients, and we are committed to making sure every one of them is treated with respect and care.

Sensitive, Personal Attention

Sensitivity and understanding of what you are experiencing is key to every area of our interaction with clients. We are uniquely qualified to assess your individual situation and handle the worst scenarios with a vision on the best outcome for our clients.

Commitment to Success

The Gallagher Law firm makes a commitment to the success of our clients and understands that a successful outcome can come in many forms. We work with our clients to understand their unique scenarios and have a group of medical consultants and support people to ensure that we leave nothing to chance.