Houston Litigation Attorney:
Environmental Claims

“Simply stated, companies must act in a reasonable and prudent manner. If they fail to do so, they are responsible for all damages associated with such failure.” – Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is an experienced environmental lawyer. He and his team at The Gallagher Law Firm have represented many individuals and entities in the southern United States in litigation relative to environmental damages associated with drilling activities undertaken by most of the major oil companies in the United States.

All environmental cases involve recoveries based upon the negligence of people associated with the source of the contamination, whether it be industrial activities such refining byproducts of refining processes or oil pollution associated with drilling activities. That litigation was predicated upon the fact that pollution resulting from these drilling activities and such pollution could have been avoided if the drilling companies acted in a reasonable manner.

State of Louisiana

The Gallagher Law firm is currently retained by the State of Louisiana to represent the state in environmental litigation.

State of Texas

Very similar to the British Petroleum case, the Gallagher Law firm was previously retained by the Attorney General of the State of Texas to represent the State of Texas against Koch Oil and to recover damages associated with a spill in Nueces County.

State of New Mexico

Mr. Gallagher and the Gallagher Law firm represented the state of New Mexico in connection with pollution issues relative to damages to natural resources such as aquifers and surface water.

In each case with issues relative to environmental damages, the primary question is whether or not the activities leading to the pollution were conducted in reasonable and prudent manner.

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