Pradaxa Deaths

Litigation is currently being filed against Boehringer Ingelheim, developer and manufacturer of dabigatran and Pradaxa, because it is believed by many they did not properly notify patients and professionals of the risks of using their product. Call Gallagher Law Firm at (888) 222-7052 if you have been affected by Pradaxa and would like to learn more about your legal options.

Approval and Injury Reports

In 2010 Pradaxa was approved by the FDA and marketed as an alternative for warfarin for use as an anticoagulant which causes the blood to resist forming clots. Patients who have recently had hip or knee replacement surgery or suffer from non-valvular arterial fibrillation are prescribed Pradaxa to prevent dangerous blockage or stroke due to irregular or stagnated blood flow.

Pradaxa was marketing as a more convenient and just-as-effective alternative to warfarin (Coumadin) but reports rapidly surfaced regarding its risk of serious or potentially fatal bleeding in some patients. As with other anticoagulants, bleeding comes more easily with the use of dabigatran, the active ingredient in Pradaxa.

According to the Institutes for Safe Medicine Practices, more than 500 cases of death, bleeding, and damage caused by Pradaxa were reported to the FDA within the first quarter of 2011. The following November, Pradaxa developer Boehringer Ingelheim confirmed that they had received 260 fatal reports of events of serious bleeding. In December of 2011, the FDA launched an investigation looking into claims against Pradaxa causing irreversible excessive bleeding which sometimes leads to the patient’s death.


Boehringer Ingelheim originally stated at the beginning of November 2011 that they had received near 50 reports of fatal bleeding due to the use of Pradaxa. By the end of that very same month, the company admitted that 260 reports had been submitted claiming Prodaxa was the cause for bleeding fatalities. Pradaxa lawsuits are in process for those patients and have families who have been affected.

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