Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer

The Gallagher Law Firm is currently prosecuting cases involving the transvaginal placement of surgical mesh used to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

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Why The Transvaginal Mesh is Used

The transvaginal mesh devices are used to repair Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).  The device is stitched into place using tools designed for minimally invasive placement. While intended to be safer, use of the transvaginal mesh may create a higher rate of complications during surgery.

Potential Dangers & Reasons for Lawsuits

According to the FDA, the most frequent vaginal mesh complications after surgery to place transvaginal mesh can include any combination of:

  • erosion through vaginal epithelium
  • infection
  • pain
  • urinary problems
  • recurrence of prolapse
  • incontinence

Other complaints include bowel, bladder, blood vessel perforation (during insertion).  Also, in some cases vaginal scarring and mesh erosion led to a significant decrease in the patient’s quality of life due to discomfort and pain, including dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse).

Patients with vaginal mesh complications may require additional surgical procedures (some of them to remove the mesh), IV therapy, blood transfusions, and drainage of hematomas or abscesses.

History of The Mesh Device

On October 20, 2008 the FDA issued a Public Health Notification and Additional Patient Information regarding the serious complications that are possible with the use of transvaginal placement of mesh devices to treat POP and SUI.

July 13, 2011 the FDA issued another statement updating medical professionals and patients about the possible dangers of transvaginal placement of mesh devices.  In this statement, the FDA clearly stated that serious complications are not rare.

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