Vaginal Mesh Complications

We’ve prepared a short summary of the main reason for using a vaginal mesh device and the primary vaginal mesh complications that tend to occur.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Leads to Use of Vaginal Mesh

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), the primary reason for using a vaginal mesh, typically occurs after women experience stressful child birth, causing the vaginal walls and muscles to be stretched and thinned without repairing itself after the estimated recovery time. This leaves the walls weakened and the surrounding organs begin to shift out of place due to the change in or lack of support.

Vaginal Mesh Device Insertion

A vaginal mesh is installed when the POP is too severe to be treated by non-invasive means and requires surgery to correct. An incision is made within the vaginal wall and the mesh is installed within, supporting the prolapsed organ and allowing the neighboring tissues to heal and grow around the implant.

Vaginal Mesh Complications

Complications with the vaginal mesh may occur during or post operation and can range from mild to severe in nature.

Due to the lack of visibility during surgery, the surgeon must be very practiced to assure he or she does not damage other organs and cause perforation or excess bleeding within the patient. An experienced doctor will assure the incision is only as large as it needs to be and that the mesh is placed correctly and securely within the vaginal wall.

After the surgery, the patient is at great risk of infection and will need to take preventative antibiotics. Patients need to be aware of mesh erosion, where the material eats away at the mucous lining the wall and remains exposed. This is the most common report complaints consisting of over 60%, as well as the most dangerous. As the mesh is a permanent installment, the only way to remove the material may be multiple surgeries, which exposes the patient to risks like anesthetic exposure, increased risk of infection and excess bleeding. The patient may also experience stress urinary incontinence, pain in the pelvic area,  pain during intercourse, and, rarely, hemorrhage and blood clots in the lungs or legs.

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