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Product Liability Claims

Mike Gallagher’s Influence on Product Liability Law

Mike Gallagher is more than an attorney.  He is an influencer of the law through regular legislative work as well as his success with major product liability and other legal cases.

“If Retailers such as Wal-Mart were able to absolve themselves of responsibility for that defective product, there would be no one to whom the plaintiff could look for redress, and therefore that plaintiff’s hospital bills and lost wages would fall on society in general, rather than the people who were responsible for the injury.” – Mike Gallagher

Michael Gallagher staunchly believes that the greatest threat consumers face is not only defective products, but the destruction of their rights by manufacturers of those products. Learn more about product liability here.

With concerted efforts to pass legislation that eliminates victims’ rights being pursued throughout the United States, Mr. Gallagher has seen a dangerous trend towards manufacturers seeking to absolve themselves of responsibility for the inferior, dangerous and/or hazardous products they create.

He is compelled — both in the courtroom and in the political arena — to quash this movement. His testimony has been used in legislation affecting peoples’ rights regarding environmental disasters, defective products, industrial products, aircraft, automobiles and pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Gallagher has been particularly active in opposing bills that would allow retailers to escape liability for the sale of defective products purchased from manufacturers located outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

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